RawstyleNation is since 10 September 2014 the #1 Rawstyle source on Youtube. 


4 Years ago it was hard to find all the Raw Hardstyle track on Youtube.

That's why we decided to start our own channel. This to make it easier for everybody to find the track they love.

The guys who created RawstyleNation are: Olivier Henderickx & Joey Gijsbers. When they started it the channel was starting to grow very fast and decided to add some new members.

That's when Tim van Opijnen and later on Danny Pieterse joined RawstyleNation.

This combined so well that we're not only 'colleagues' but we became a group of very good friends.


The channel has now over 41.000 subscribers on Youtube and 31.000+ followers on Facebook. 

We're still growing fast and with our podcast, PureTalen mixes and Hardcore Friday we want give everybody what they want.




RawstyleNation Partners: Gearbox Digital, Theracords, Scantraxx Recordz, Fusion Records, A² Records, Dirty Workz and many more.


Tim van Opijnen


Joey Gijsbers


Danny Pieterse